structure fire
fire truck driver
fire fighting at night
night fire
Transformers and telephone poles were knocked down to the ground and caught fire by Hurricane Sandy.
downed trees across road
Four large pine trees fell down across HWY 206 during Hurricane Sandy.
Road Washed out
Driveway off Rt. 23 during Hurricane Irene
in August 2011.
fire truck
Pumping water through 600' of LDH to the
fire up the road.
roadside fire
Members standing by the truck awaiting instructions.
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Car Fires/MVAs photosCar Fires/MVAs photosTraining and Misc Fire Dept photos

Firefighter Vehicle Training
2024 Training Vehicle Stabilization & Raising (above and below)
Firefighter Vehicle Training

Firefighter Training
Oct 7, 2021 delivery of 18 new Scott X3 Pro airpacks and an additional 18 spare bottles!!
Firefighter Training
Montague Volunteer Fire Department opening day August 7, 2021!!
Firefighter Training
Read more.
Firefighter Training
One of our many town pool fills. These benefit tanker driver training and new members
learning hose basics.
Rural Water Supply Fire Drill
35-Engine participated in a rural water supply drill with Westfall, PA fire dept on November 14, 2020 in the Delaware River near the I-84 overpass.

First Old Timers Thanks 2019
Montague Fire Dept thanks its "Old Timers" 2019!

James Carpenter Founding Montague Fire Fighter
James Carpenter, one of our founding members from 1950.

Old Timers Thank You Event 2019
Old Timers Thank You Event 2019
Old Timers Thank You Event 2019
Old Timers Thank You Event 2019

2017 Wetdown

Montague FD would like to thank all who came out to support us on September 2nd as we put our new Engine in service. We would like to thank for providing us with photography services for our 2017 New Truck Wetdown. Enjoy the pictures at this link.

165th Annual Port Jervis parade on July 11, 2015
165th Annual Port Jervis parade, July 11, 2015
Tanker-1 won first place for best appearing tanker!
Members won first place for marching with less than 25 firefighters!
2015 Swearing in Oath Ceremony Montague Fire Dept.
At Montague Twp. Bldg. Jan. 1, 2015, our new officers are sworn in.
Tree Fire
Tree fire from lightning strike!‏
Water Rescue Training
Water Rescue Training August 30, 2014
Water Rescue Training, Fire Dept.
Water Rescue Training
Water Rescue Training
burning house
Ladder Training

Plane doing Air Drop on large brush fire in Montague NJ—April 26, 2013
montague fire truck, chief Inside Fire Station
Engine 1 with manpower was requested into Milford, PA for a tractor trailer accident on Interstate 84.
Engine 1 on a standby at the Westfall Fire House (Pike county PA) while they were on a house fire.
Ice Rescue Ice Rescue
Members of the Sandyston Fire Dept. participate in our ice rescue training class.
Members get ready to go out onto the ice.
Ice Rescue Ice Rescue
Rescuing the victim from the ice.
Members on shore get ready to pull the firemen and victim off the ice.
Ice Rescue Firefighter Training
Ice rescue instructor’s trailer being put to use on a beautiful winter day.
fire fighting training
Engine 1 hard at work at a Drill at the local pond. Members connect hard suction hose together at a nearby pond for a drill.
drafting early morning fire
Engine 1 and crew pump water from the pond to fill tankers for a fire in a neighboring town.
Our Assistant Engineer pumps water from the hydrant up to the fire in Sparrowbush.
Montague Wetdown 2006 2006 Montague Wetdown
Wet Down in 2006 for our new Tanker 2
SCBA, Air Pack Training
Firefighters training
SCBA (air pack) training drill Practicing tight squeeze through wall frame at a drill.