Fighting House Fire, Milford
Sandyston Barn Fire
barn fire
barn fire, NJ
barn fire
Triple House Fire
Milford, PA structure fire
Milford, PA
Milford, PA building fire
Fire at Milford, PA
field fire Heavy smoke showing from a structure fire in town.
house fireHeavy Fire showing on a mutual aid call to Sparrowbush, NY.
snow fireFirefighter walking up to the scene of an early morning shed fire.
House FireA fire in Sparrowbush NY brought in the new year.
house fire debris
house fireCleaning up supplies at the scene of a house fire.
smoldering fireSpraying the last bit of water on a early
morning shed fire.
house fire smokeHeavy smoke made it difficult for firefighters on the scene to see.
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Furnace Malfunction Montague FD Responds
Jan. 16, 2022 Furnace Malfunction
July 4th Structure Fire‏
July 4, 2019 Structure fire just before 6AM. Repacking Fire Hose After Fire‏
July 4, 2019 Helping re-pack hose on E-1 after the fire structure above. Burning Brush to Clear Lot‏
Burning the brush pile to clear the lot of the new firehouse location.Shed Fire started by a Lawn Mower‏
Sept 21, 2016: This shed fire was started by the lawn mower. It's upside down and was flipped over to ensure the fire was out underneath.
Home Dryer Caught on Fire‏
Sept 2016: This home dryer caught fire, burning close to the wall.
A fire dept. member arrived quickly, extinguishing most of the fire with a fire extinguisher.

Heavy Smoke Fire Dept Called‏
Tuesday March 29, 2016: we were dispatched for a house on River Road filling
with smoke, and arrived to a 50' x 200' barn with heavy smoke showing. (Four photos.)

Barn Quickly Ignites into Flanes‏
About 30 seconds after gaining entry, the entire barn ignited.
Structure Fire with Heavy Smoke‏
14 other departments assisted us, mainly with tankers to provide water.Massive Fire Structure Montague Fire Dept.

Sandyston House Fire
House Fire 1 AM March 19, 2015 in Sandyston, NJ
Sandyston House Fire
House Fire, Sandyston
Sparrowbrook, NY house fire
Above & Below:
Montague T-2 dropped 4 loads of water at this house fire in Sparrowbush, NY May 7, 2014.
Trailer Fire
May 7, 2014
house fire Sandyston, NJ
April 15, 2014 assisting Sandyston FD (1 of 4 photos)
Montague FD assisting Sandyston, NJ FD
Two Fire Dept House Fire, New Jersey
House Fire Remains, NJ
Branchville House fire
Branchville Fire Nov. 2013‏ (above & below)
Branchville Fire Nov 2013
Working Together with Sandyston Fire Dept, NJ
Commercial Fire in Branchville
Commercial structure fire in Branchville Nov. 2013‏
House Fire, Milford burning house
Firefighting Milford home, June 2013.
Burning House Firefighters, Milford
house fire house fire
Members laddered the roof at a fire on River Road.
Members of the Milford Fire Dept. standby at the scene of a fire.