car rescue
parked car around pole
Truck Crushing Car
Tractor trailer lost its brakes coming down Rt. 23 from High Point mountain—struck 8 vehicles.
montague fire truck, chief
Engine 1 with manpower was requested into Milford, PA for a tractor trailer accident on Interstate 84.
car fire
Firefighters extinguish 2 cars that were on fire.
car fire
Firefighters finish up putting out the fire on the second car involved.
car accident
Driver ran into a guardrail, taking out 5 posts that held up the guardrail, then proceeded to go down the embankment, rolling over a number of times—had to be medivaced to the nearest trauma center. (above & below)
Medicaved Driver to Trauma Center
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Car Fires/MVAs photosCar Fires/MVAs photosTraining and Misc Fire Dept photos
Montague FD Responds to Plow Skidding Off Road
Jan. 16, 2022 Plow truck skidded off the road near High Point State Park.
Car Hits Pole Accident Fire Dept Removes Man
Sept. 15, 2021 Car vs. Pole. Driver’s door had to be removed to get the driver out.
Car Accident with Tree
April 20, 2021 Pickup vs. Tree. Thankfully nobody was in the passenger seat!
Car Fire Route 23
August 22, 2019 Car fire on Rt. 23.
Van Hits Utility Pole Accident‏
August 5, 2019 Van vs. utility pole on Clove Rd.
Minivan and Mortorcycle Accident‏
June 22, 2019 Minivan vs. motorcycle on Rt. 23 by High Point State Park.
The motorcyclist landed on roof of minivan!
Minivan and Mortorcycle Accident‏
June 21, 2019 2-car MVA Rt 23 & Clove Rd Commercial Tractor Trailer Fire on the Road‏
Tractor Trailer Fire Total Loss Tractor Trailer‏

One Car Rollover‏
June 15, 2019: 1 Car Rollover Truck on Fire‏
May 14, 2019: Truck on Fire Car Hits Tree‏
Sept 26, 2016: Early morning car drives into lake Car Hits Tree‏
Sept 24, 2016: Early morning driver asleep at the wheel on River Rd. Wearing his seatbelt
saved him from more serious injuries. (Above and Below)
Driver Asleep at Wheel-Hits Tree‏
Aug 21, 2016 Car fire Rt. 23 near High Point State Park. Below: After fire was extinguished Car Fire near High Point State Park‏
Aug 21, 2016 Car fire Rt. 23 near High Point State Park. Below: After fire was extinguished Fire Deptartments Rescue Car Driver

Fire Dept Extricate Driver‏
Aug 11, 2016 Cut door & roof off; then rolled dashboard forward to exticate patient. He was flown to hospital by medivac helicopter. We appreciate the help from Milford & Sandyston FD's. Fire Deptartments Rescue Car Driver

Major Car Accident with Fire Dept. Response Teams

Deckertown Turnpike Truck Rollover‏
April 4, 2016 rollover MVA on Deckertown TurnpikeTruck Rollover on Highway

Deadly Car Crash into Tree‏
Car vs. tree MVA with entrapment on River Rd March 28, 2016MVA Deadly Car Accident Montague Fire Dept.
Car Carrier Fire near Huguenot, NY‏
Car carrier fire just across our border in Huguenot, NY.
MVA on Rt. 206‏
MVA on Rt. 206 near Milford Bridge. 13 patients were transported to three hospitals.‏
MVA on Rt. 206 near Sandyston border‏
MVA on Rt. 206 near Sandyston border‏
Rollover MVA
Rollover MVA on Clove Road‏
Fluid Spill, Cove Road
Cleaning up fluid spill from MVA on Clove Road
Trailer Fire
Trailer fire Rt. 23, April 11, 2014
Car on Fire
Car fire on Rt. 23, Feb. 4, 2014
Mercedes Car Crash
Car vs. pole MVA Nov. 11, 2013
Commercial Fire in Branchville
Commercial structure fire in Branchville Nov. 2013‏
extricate driver after losing control of car
Montague FD extricated driver, after losing control of car